Terms of Use

September 2023

This file can we changed in all moments

1. Acceptance of the terms and conditions

  • This document establishes the terms and conditions of THZ Hosting, that will be applicable to the access and use by the user. We ask you to read carefully read this contract when accessing, consulting and/or using our services. Once a purchase has been made, they must comply and accept the terms and conditions established in this contract. If you do not accept them, we disable the that customer's product and you will not be able to access or use your product. THZ Hosting se reserves the right to update this contract whenever it considers it prompt. Consequently, we recommend the user periodically review the modifications made.

2. Data protection

  • THZ-Hosting will never expose any personal data, that is (Passwords, numbers telephone number, ID, place of residence or any other personal data and private).

3. Chargueback

THZ-Hosting will not accept refunds as long as it is not a failure of the host within the first 48 hours, in case of our failure this will be communicated in our official channels.

4. Technical support

  • THZ-Hosting offers technical support 24 hours a day for free, for Therefore, no technical support may force any user to pay a amount for offering technical support, facing problems with products, doubts and/or others. That said, it does not include private services agreed with staff from the server, these are out of our control.

5. Payments and maturities

  • The user will have 12 hours after the agreed date chosen with the plan to pay for the renewal in case you have not been able to pay for the 24-hour service before the established period. THZ-Hosting will reserve the right to turn off the service, said shutdown will be temporary, you can resort to sending the payment 24 more hours late for the product to be enabled again. If the payment has not been made before said mentioned hours, we will be forced to disable the product definitely, therefore, all the files saved within said file will be lost. product. The renewal of a service will be monthly, in principle manual, the client must be attentive to their billing cycle, easy to see in the customer area, if this cycle is exceeded, a supplement will be charged for each exceeded day of use, the price to pay will be the price of the vps divided between the days of the month + days exceeded, below an example. VPS monthly price: 10.99/30=0.36 x Day of use.

6. Loss of files

  • No technical support will have access to any product of any user, so both THZ-Hosting is not responsible for any loss of information of data integrated through the product. You will only be able to access the product if the client previously authorizes a technical support, it should be clarified that THZ does not responsible for the loss of client files, only in case of having a extra service that makes us protect your files.

7. Product delivery

  • THZ-Hosting will have a maximum of 72 hours from when the payment is made to proceed to prepare the product and deliver it to the customer, we will always try to do so as soon as possible, this period will count within working days.

8. Resellers

  • THZ-Hosting will not take charge of any type of problem related to a reseller, unless it harms our users/customers or directly to THZ-Hosting.

9. Misuse and Right to Cancellation

  • THZ-Hosting will have the right to suspend the service without offering a refund if misuses it, harms the company, or we believe we have reason justified to do so, the reasons may be the following:
    - Cryptocurrency mining
    - DDoS attacks
    - Use for Exploits
    - Unauthorized resale
    - Suspicious Activity